Integrated Accounting

Ensuring timeless and qualitative accounting information.

Our accounting office actively supports individuals and companies by providing reliable high quality services.

Relationship Trust

Alpha-Dynamics is the only company that can endow your business with complete financial management services by making it available to you.

Always with your cooperation we create specialized and experienced market strategy that can fully meet the requirements and needs of your business.

There are many accountants if you are interested to the quantity.

If you are looking for the quality come to us.


Services for Individuals

  • Preparation and Submission of Tax Returns E1, E2 and E9
  • Amending Declarations E1, E2, E9
  • Application Submission A21 Family Allowance
  • Application Submission Heating
  • Version Tax Clearance
  • Version Traffic Fees
  • Submit Application Charges
  • Fulfilling bureaucratic Work in Public Services
  • Lease contracts every Item
  • Private Agreements each Item
  • Tips on Living Document Themes
  • Procedures for Avoiding Double Taxation
  • Tax Representative


  • Keeping Aplografikon Books
  • Keeping double-entry books
  • Submit Temporary and Final FMY
  • Submit VAT Declaration Electronics
  • Aggregate Statements Customer – Supplier
  • Conversions – Mergers – Absorbed Companies
  • Improvement of Financial Indicators
  • Minimize Taxes
  • Start Operations Company
  • Stop Operations Company
  • Income tax declaration
  • Editors Cash Flow
  • Feasibility studies
  • International accounting standards
  • Intra Trading Management


  • Payroll Edition
  • Monthly Payroll Statements
  • Detailed Individual Receipts Payroll
  • Cost Payroll by Category
  • Information Statements on Labour Inspection
  • Form Performance Compensation Tax
  • Collective Agreements
  • Issuing Certificates of Acceptance
  • Temporary and Final Declarations FMY