Funding Services

Independence is a basic principle in our investment choices and decisions.

It gives us possibility to choose the best products and services from worldwide investment houses. Access to foreign markets allows us offer to the investor the best possible tools to select the most effective investments.

Our Basic Principle

is that each client is unique and deserves a personal approach. That’s why we always devote the necessary time to understand the client’s limit of investment expectations and willingness to take risk.

We often inform our customers about our investment choices, as we also try to have frequent personal meetings with all our clients.

Alpha Dynamics, gives the possibility to choose the products and services of the best financial services

Acquisitions and Mergers

  • Valuations
  • Due Diligence


  • Big Projects
  • Financial Planning

Corporate Funding

  • Debt Restructuring
  • Strategy & Business Planning

Statements Syntax

  • According to IFRS

Administrative Information

  • Costing & Adjustment
  • Training Budget