Complete property management services

We have specialized in Accounting and Secretarial Support parts, Technical Coverage, Insurance and Legal Protection, and executives are constantly informed of all developments in legal and legislative issues, circulars, insurance, and investment.

Our basic principle

We are specialists in accounting parts, technical coverage, insurance, and legal protection. Our executives are constantly informed about all developments in legislative issues, insurance and investment. Our supervision means better maintenance, damage prevention, detail monitoring of all technical work and maintaining accurate historical significance. Yet you are able to know when and why was each system repaired in your building.

We have organized service center [ help desk ] that response quickly and reliably handle demands of the residents.

All these guarantees of transparency and efficiency in the financial management of the buildings are the main priorities for better economic results.

We responsibly provide services which you may need for smooth functioning of your property.

Buildings Management

Manage all types of properties

Complete management

Complete management and issuing communal services.

Bundled Services

Multitasking program fixed to your needs.

Technical Support

Any kind of maintenance and repairs.

Buildings Cleaning

Cleaning all types of properties with professional staff

Boiler Maintenance

Inspection and repairs oil or gas boilers